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Recalls Cut Deep Into Honda Earnings (HMC)

Honda Motor Co Ltd has issued several recalls this year that have affected the company’s quarterly earnings by a considerable amount. The latest recall involved vehicles with air bags made by Takata Corp that have been linked to four deaths, all occurring in cars made by Honda. The hybrid version of the Honda Fit subcompact […]

Oil Price Drop Damaged BP Earnings For Quarter (BP)

BP reported that earnings for the third quarter dropped 18 percent due to the drop in price that has been affecting the global oil market. Adjusted for inventories and one-time items, BP’s profit for the third quarter was $3 billion. This was less than the roughly $3.7 billion in profit reported by the company in […]

Corruption Conviction Sparks Criticism From Chevron (CVX)

A ruling by the Indonesian Supreme Court on a corruption case has resulted in vocal criticism from Chevron. The court ruled to uphold the 2013 corruption conviction of local Chevron employee Bachtiar Abdul Fatah. In addition to upholding the conviction, the court also doubled his prison sentence to a term of four years instead of […]

Boeing Reports Earnings Increase For Third Quarter (BA)

Boeing reported that its earnings increased 18 percent in the third quarter over the same quarter last year, rising to $1.36 billion. Earnings for the company totaled $2.14 per share, after excluding non-operating costs. This was higher than the $1.95 per share estimated by analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research. The company reported revenue of […]

Dow Chemical Reports Positive Results For Third Quarter (DOW)

Dow Chemical has reported results for the third quarter of its fiscal year that were largely positive, pleasing many of the company’s shareholders. Dow’s net income increased 43 percent in the quarter, rising to $852 million, or 71 cents per share. This was higher than the average analyst estimate of 68 cents per share. Revenue […]

Yahoo Reports Strong Financial Performance In Third Quarter (YHOO)

Yahoo reported revenue growth in the third quarter that exceeded the expectations of shareholders. For the quarter, Yahoo posted revenue of $1.15 billion, a total 1 percent higher than the same period a year earlier. Wall Street analysts estimated revenue of $1.05 billion for the quarter. Yahoo posted revenue of $1.14 billion in the third […]

Record Profits For Apple In Fourth Quarter (AAPL)

Apple reported profits for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year that beat the expectations of Wall Street analysts. The company recorded $8.5 billion in profit in the fourth quarter, 13.3 percent higher than the same quarter a year ago. Apple’s $1.42 per share profit exceed analyst expectations of $1.31 a share for the quarter. […]

General Electric Profit Exceeds Wall Street’s Expectations (GE)

General Electric announced profit results for the third quarter that exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts. The company reported net profit of $3.5 billion, a rise of 11 percent over the same quarter a year earlier. Excluding the results from operations sold off or closed down, operating earnings from continuing operations increased 6 percent […]

Google’s Revenue Increases 20 Percent In Third Quarter (GOOGL)

For the third quarter of its fiscal year, Google has reported that its revenue has increased 20 percent over the amount reported in the same quarter last year. Google’s net revenue was $13.17 billion, up from $10.78 billion. Net income was $2.81 billion, down from $2.97 billion in the third quarter of 2013. Google’s profit […]

Pace Of Netflix Subscriber Additions Slow In The U.S. (NFLX)

Netflix Inc. has reported that the company failed to meet subscriber addition targets in the quarter due to a slowing of new subscriptions being issued in the United States. The company predicted that it would add around 3.7 million new subscribers worldwide in the third quarter of its fiscal year. The quarter ended on Sept. […]

Intel Reports Higher Than Expected Revenue For Third Quarter (INTC)

Intel reported results for the third quarter that were higher than Wall Street analysts expected. Net income for the company increased by 12 percent in the third quarter when compared with the same quarter a year ago, rising to $3.3 billion, or 66 cents a share. This exceeded analysts’ expectations of net income of 65 […]

Amazon Finalizes Plans To Rent New York City Building (AMZN)

Amazon has announced plans to rent a building located on West 34th Street in New York City. According to construction and real estate executives, Amazon will use the 12-story property as offices and a distribution center. A construction company has been renovating the building since last December. The front entrance to the building was recently […]