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Record Profits For Apple In Fourth Quarter (AAPL)

Apple reported profits for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year that beat the expectations of Wall Street analysts. The company recorded $8.5 billion in profit in the fourth quarter, 13.3 percent higher than the same quarter a year ago. Apple’s $1.42 per share profit exceed analyst expectations of $1.31 a share for the quarter. […]

General Electric Profit Exceeds Wall Street’s Expectations (GE)

General Electric announced profit results for the third quarter that exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts. The company reported net profit of $3.5 billion, a rise of 11 percent over the same quarter a year earlier. Excluding the results from operations sold off or closed down, operating earnings from continuing operations increased 6 percent […]

Google’s Revenue Increases 20 Percent In Third Quarter (GOOGL)

For the third quarter of its fiscal year, Google has reported that its revenue has increased 20 percent over the amount reported in the same quarter last year. Google’s net revenue was $13.17 billion, up from $10.78 billion. Net income was $2.81 billion, down from $2.97 billion in the third quarter of 2013. Google’s profit […]

Pace Of Netflix Subscriber Additions Slow In The U.S. (NFLX)

Netflix Inc. has reported that the company failed to meet subscriber addition targets in the quarter due to a slowing of new subscriptions being issued in the United States. The company predicted that it would add around 3.7 million new subscribers worldwide in the third quarter of its fiscal year. The quarter ended on Sept. […]

Intel Reports Higher Than Expected Revenue For Third Quarter (INTC)

Intel reported results for the third quarter that were higher than Wall Street analysts expected. Net income for the company increased by 12 percent in the third quarter when compared with the same quarter a year ago, rising to $3.3 billion, or 66 cents a share. This exceeded analysts’ expectations of net income of 65 […]

Amazon Finalizes Plans To Rent New York City Building (AMZN)

Amazon has announced plans to rent a building located on West 34th Street in New York City. According to construction and real estate executives, Amazon will use the 12-story property as offices and a distribution center. A construction company has been renovating the building since last December. The front entrance to the building was recently […]

Symantec Announces Plan To Become Two Separate Companies (SYMC)

In an announcement, Symantec disclosed that the company has decided to split into two individual publicly traded companies. Michael A. Brown, chief executive of Symantec, said that the split will allow both companies to react to changing market conditions faster, gaining a competitive edge on their larger competitors. The split will be tax-free to shareholders. […]

AT&T Mobility Settles Charges Related To Third Party Billing (T)

The Federal Trade Commission and AT&T have announced a settlement of $105 million will be paid by AT&T to settle charges that the company allowed third parties to bill customers unlawfully. The settlement amount will go towards paying an FTC fine of $5 million, $20 million in penalties and fees to 50 states and the […]

30,000 Walmart Workers To See Health Benefits Eliminated (WMT)

Nearly 30,000 Walmart workers just learned that they would no longer be eligible for health insurance through the company they work for. After Dec. 31, employees working less than an average of 30 hours a week will no longer be eligible for health insurance through the company’s plan. This totals about 5 percent of the […]

Walmart Announces Adoption Of New Food Initiative (WMT)

Walmart is adopting a new food initiative aimed at improving the nutrition in its customer’s diets and lessening the impact that its food production partners have on the environment. The initiative will also explore ways to reduce the overall cost of food, reduce food waste, and get more affordable nutritious food to the places that […]

Hewlett-Packard To Become Two Separate Companies (HPQ)

Hewlett-Packard has announced plans to divide its businesses into two separate companies that will be operated independently. HP’s chief executive Meg Whitman said the move would allow both companies to be more competitive as they would be able to react faster in the rapidly changing technology industry. Each of the two companies will be publicly […]

Facebook One Step Closer To WhatsApp Purchase (FB)

Officials in Europe have announced that they had given their approval to Facebook’s deal to buy the WhatsApp internet messaging service. California-based WhatsApp provides access to its messaging service for just 99 cents a year. Nearly one billion people currently use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, with many of those users residing outside of the United […]