Don Miller – Managing Editor- Don has lived in debt and he has lived debt free. He prefers the latter ! He is a follower of Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey in matters of money management and personal finance. He is publisher and editor of IRA Market Report and has been published on numerous news, entrepreneur, sports and finance sites.

Stefani Robinson – Contributor- Stefani has worked in financial fraud investigations for an international bank for the past seven years and prior to that worked for a major credit card company and in consumer credit repair. She has lived in severe money straights and learned proper money management the hard way, her mother always adds “just like everything else.”

Justin Garson – Contributor –  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Justin graduated from the University of Pittsburgh .While Justin is still a fan, he now puts his views into an objective and straight forward manner.

Matt Cooper – Contributor – Matt is a student at the University of Florida where he majors in law. He has an unparalleled passion for all markets,but retail stocks are his true love. Matt covers breaking business news combined with his own spin.

Jamal Genner – Contributor – Jamal grew up in Central Pennsylvania and has a deep love for all Philadelphia and will cover investing issues for Sleek Money.

Robert Jamerson – Contributor – Robert has been a writer and editor for multiple newspapers in South Florida. A life-long Florida resident, Robert moved to Arizona five years ago and continued to write for local newspapers, on business and finance matters.

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